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    ANNIWAA!  Happy New Year!  This year I am going to be selfish. Yes, I said it out loud.  It is not within my nature to be a selfish person, it’s the complete opposite of who I am. I loathe selfishness, I detest it. From the moment, I stepped onto this earth I have been taught that selfishness is a bad thing.  As the youngest child of 4, I constantly had to think about […]

Is a Healthy Body a Healthy Mind?

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*Grace Jones, a great body and a great mind There is a notion that having the perfect body will give you happiness, joy, sexiness, strength, love and attention; a healthy body results in healthy mind. The act of going to the gym every day, swimming, dancing, yoga etc creates some kind of structure in your life, a dedication and discipline to ensure that you maintain a certain physique. Some may say that this is also […]