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Suffocated. Smothered. Frustrated. Tired. Exhausted.  It is not easy being in an environment which caps your creativity.  Being around individuals whose main concerns include; ordering the right kind of cello tape or what colour of post-it notes to purchase. These are a few of the weird, boring comments I find myself overhearing, when working in ‘MJs.’ (‘Money Jobs’, jobs that you do when you have finished one freelance contract and looking for the next one… that […]

A Revolution from within.

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  Jet-lagged, hung-over and hopeful. Words that describe my return to London, having spent a number of weeks travelling around Cuba, alone.  For some of you that may sound strange……as most normal people would want to be with friends and family during the festive season. However I was in desperate need of an adventure, in search of inspiration! What better way to be revitalized by travelling to a land that has not been infected by […]