What has been said

Blaire Baron Larsen & Julia Wyson

Artistic Directors

Los Angeles Drama Club

“It is pleasure to work with Anniwaa, as she is exceptionally talented, versatile and intelligent. She mentors 50 of our young people in the Mid City area of Los Angeles and finds remarkable ways to engage and invigorate our students to push boundaries and achieve their best. Anniwaa is a truly inspirational individual and dedicated to creating opportunities for communities. As a Ghanaian-British actress, her presence in our workshops provides our children with the hope and belief that nothing is impossible; it is not where you start, but where you finish that matters…..In an industry dominated by white males, it is important that we support an actress like Anniwaa who is unswervingly committed to her craft and determined to inspire young actors.”


The Legend of Hamba –  2014 , A Tiata Fahodzi production


‘The Legend of Hamba’ is conceived as a 20-30 minute physical picaresque, loosely based on the ‘The Everyman’ Morality Play. It follows the fortunes of a central character, Hamba, through three ‘Ages of Man’: The Ages of Conquest, Excess and Harvest. Anniwaa performed the lead role of pride.


Afridiziak: “This play is an experience, perfect for the outdoors and a great way to spend part of a sunny afternoon. Yes it’s weird and at times confusing but isn’t that what life’s journey is? Hamba just happens to make a lot of noise whilst going through it! I would definitely encourage people to go along and experience “The Legend of Hamba” for themselves.” For the full review, click here.

The Stage Newspaper: “The actors perform with energy and overall it is a beguiling spectacle.” For the full review click here.



Egusi Soup – 2012,  A Menagerie Theatre Company Production

Anniwaa played the role of Barrister Anne Anyia in critically acclaimed production ‘Egusi Soup’ (Soho Theatre 2012) by Bruntwood Prize Winning Writer: Janice Okoh. 


What’s on Stage:Anniwaa Buachie has the right sort of career-woman brittleness as she attempts to over-ride everyone else’s feelings, not to mention beliefs or principles.” For the full review, click here.


Anansi: An African Fairy Tale – 2010/2011 , A Wild Shrews Production

Anniwaa played the lead role of Anansi in this Southwark Playhouse production.  (November 2010 – January 2011)

The Telegraph:Anansi’s warmth and energy immediately make you forget the freezing night air, and there’s not a jingle bell in sight – really quite refreshing.” For the full review click here.

**** 4 Star rating


 The Stage: An all-round engaging cast is led by Anniwaa Buachie as Anansi, a spider whose resourcefulness extends far beyond web-weaving.” For the full review click here


“She lights up the screen and stage with her vibrant personality and her unusual dynamic physicality”

Philip Headley CBE

Director Emeritus Theatre Royal Stratford East

Her dedication to the role throughout the intensive development process and her commitment while shooting was of the highest level and her performance in the film is truthful and compelling. Anniwaa has an original voice and natural talent.”

Suri Krishnamma
Bafta Nominated British Film Director


Not only is she a hard-working and consummate actress but she has shown astounding dedication to ensuring that theatre plays a crucial role in cultural discourse.  In her capacity as a theatre maker she has proven to be dedicated, determined and is a true inspiration to theatre makers of her generation. She continues to excel in her craft and I hold her in the highest regard both personally and professionally.

Shane Dempsey

Artistic Director
Fragments Theatre


I have worked with Anniwaa twice, she always does an excellent job proving herself to be a highly skilled, professional and reliable actress. Anniwaa  is intelligent and competent and I would have no hesitation in both recommending her to others.”

Kate Stafford
Artistic Director
Bilimankhwe Arts


Anniwaa Buachie’s laudable ambition was realised with an assured production of seven new plays by seven young writers on Monday night at Theatre 503 ( Golden Delilah 7:1 Beyond Control). Playing to packed houses over two sittings, Anniwaa had also assembled an array of directing and acting talent, many of them garlanded with awards (she herself the recipient of the Alan Bates Outstanding Newcomer Award) which fulfilled Golden Delilah’s aim to produce new writing promoting strong female roles.

Elizabeth Lynch
Evolving Words




“She is a hardworking actress, willing and able to rise to any challenge. Her infectious positivity, lucidity and conspicuous aptitude contributed to a successful production. She is a strong inspirational force, an oracle to actors! Anniwaa has a remarkable talent.”

Caroline Steinbeis

JMK Award Winning Director