November 2016

Anniwaa is currently working on a long video game project!  As this is a high profile project, lips are being sealed! 🙂


September 2016


Our Fashion. Our History. Our Music.

Anniwaa Buachie for guest-hosts The Africa Channel’s, latest episode of #AtTheChannel. Hoping you feel empowered as the show  highlights the Ankara Festivals, The Kinsey Collection, and musical artist Kae Sun! Take a look by click on: LET THE FUN BEGIN!


August 2016


Anniwaa had the pleasure to work with three talented, vibrant, beautiful, wonderful actresses: Tichina Arnold (Martin), Erica Ash (Scary Movie-5) and Teyonah Parris (Dear White People), in the guest star role for Episode 6,’No Child Left Behind’ which aired on Sunday 21st August 2016.

Read what the critics are saying: 

The Undefeated, Tracking Board, Vulture, The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline



July 2016



Season 3 of Starz’s critically acclaimed drama; Survivor’s Remorse has graced the air today on 24th July. Anniwaa worked with talented, vibrant, charismatic actresses: Tichina Arnold, Erica Ash and Teyonah Parris on Episode 6 which will air on Sunday 21st August at 10pm ET. If you can’t wait that long, here is a little teaser: CLICK HERE



May 2016

Proud of her Ghanaian roots, check out Anniwaa’s interview with Ghana Showbiz online mag.

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April 2016

LA Drama Club279 (1).jpg

As a board member and mentor at Los Angeles Drama Club, Anniwaa had the pleasure to work with Alex Kingston (Dr. Who), Sam Pancake (Legally Blonde 2)  and Diedrich Bader  (Veep) to bring an exciting and memorable night of drama and fun to raise funds for Los Angeles Drama Club to make drama accessible for all children and teenagers. 

March 2016


Anniwaa had the opportunity to work on Starz- Survivor’s Remorse with talented actresses: Tichina Arnold, Teyonah Parris and Eric Ash. Season 3 of the show will air in the summer. More details of air date will follow soon!



March 2016



Anniwaa is now a board member of Los Angeles Drama Club. 

The Los Angeles Drama Club is America’s youngest Shakespeare Troupe. They are an artistic home for children all over Los Angeles where, through the process of putting on a Shakespeare production, they hone their literacy and communication skills, build self esteem, and become part of a true community – many of our kids come to us at 6 or 7, and are still with them, mentoring the younger students, when they graduate from high school. Each Spring, LADC present Shakespeare Youth Festival LA – four full productions featuring more than 60 kids. People are generally stunned by the level of the work the kids do – a Royal Shakespeare Company actress recently attended one of their shows and said that she found it more alive and compelling then when she had seen the same play at RSC!! LADC don’t audition, and they offer a variety of scholarships and free programs – if a child has the passion, their arms are open.

February 2016


Anniwaa on set of film – Will Pilgrim


Anniwaa has just finished a Montgomery production; Will Pilgrim, in which she takes on the prominent role of a low, working class mother from South Central LA.  A film which provides a detail account of a the foster care system in America in the early 90’s. 



January 2016



A great way to start 2016! Anniwaa is working on Aux with legendary British actor Jonathan Rhys-Davies. Aux is produced by Evolutionary Films and is a unique thriller: 

Two young boys playing in the woods stumble across a stone “tree” which is actually the chimney and air vent for a secret bunker, undetected since WWII. They find the entrance hatch and open it. They are so terrified of what they find inside that one boy doesn’t make it back out of the bunker, and the other runs straight into the nearby road and gets hit by a vehicle.

The police investigate the car accident involving the boy. They cordon off areas and start searching for the second boy who is presumed missing. One by one, the police start to be murdered in grisly ways.

In the local old people’s home, an elderly WWII veteran sees all of this unfolding on the news and realises what has happened… But will anybody believe a senile old man as the devastation and destruction mounts up around them?

The film will be released in Spring 2016.



November 2015

Following on from filming in September in San Francisco, the new Google App featuring Anniwaa is now live online and US TV:

September 2015

Anniwaa has recently signed with US theatrical agency: Mitchell K. Stubbs & Associates.

Anniwaa has just returned back from San Francisco after shooting a commercial with director Christopher Riggert of Biscuit Film Works. The commercial is for  top US company and will be aired world wide. More news to follow.

On another note:

Anniwaa will be performing the role of Joan of Arc, the French revolutionary in the Hollywood Premier of Outspoken. A new production penned by Blaire Baron Larsen and directed by Esdras Toussaint.

Set in London’s notorious prison the Clink, Outspoken features a spicy combination of Shakespeare’s characters – Fallstaff, Doll Tearsheet, Joan of Arc, the ghosts of Juliet and Hamlet, the less celebrated “D-lister” characters: Kent (King Lear), Paulina (Winter’s Tale) and Jack Cade (Henry VI). Together these rebels explore themes of classicism and oppression- while using humor, compassion and camaraderie to re-act the defining moment (in the actual Shakespeare play) that put them in prison.

For more details please click here

August 2015

Anniwaa is currently in rehearsals for the premier of Blaire Baron Larsen’s new play ‘Outspoken’ at Studio C in Hollywood. This comedy highlights the lost voices of Shakespeare’s most ambiguous characters. Anniwaa will be embodying the role of Joan of Arc, the fearless young french warrior who lead France out of the clutches of the British.


Cast shot of Outspoken

July 2015

Anniwaa recently wrapped a shoot with Bonn Communications for a Christmas LDS campaign.


Rachel Dolezal, hit the headlines over the last couple of months for what appears to be an identity crisis. Luckily this was documented by comedian, actress and writer: Whitney Rice, who worked with Anniwaa to shed light on this bizarre headline.

Please beware – comedy is featured in the video.

June 2015

Anniwaa has just finished working with prestigious company Los Angeles Drama Club on their new writing festival; ‘Keeping It Surreal.’ The festival featured 10 new short plays written by young people aged between 9-16 over 24 hours and performed by  5 professional actors. Another great programme presented by LA Drama Club!   LA Drama club, empowers young people, encouraging them to utilise their creativity to the max!


April 2015

Award winning play: The Cactus Flowers’ by Virginia Jekanyika which features an array of black British actors including Anniwaa, went on air 4th April 2015. For more details click HERE

March 2015

Anniwaa as Erinn in 'The Art of Compromise.'

Anniwaa as Erinn in ‘The Art of Compromise.’

Anniwaa recently  worked on a film: ‘The Art of Compromise’ written by Lindsey Appleford directed by Ghanaian-American director Amadu Haruna.

January 2015

Anniwaa recently contributed to The Actors Centre Moving On Up 2015 programme, by featuring in a short film about the Alan Bates Outstanding Newcomer Award winners, past and present.

The short docu -film created by by performer Polly Bennett and actor Elliot Barnes-Worrell looks at how the Alan Bates Award can help young performers of today.

Sir Alan Bates was the Patron of the Actors Centre from 1994 until his death in 2004. He cared passionately about the craft of acting and about the cause of young actors entering the profession. The Alan Bates Award was endowed to commemorate his inspirational work on behalf of the Actors Centre and awarded annually to an actor of exceptional talent.