Award winning Actress, Anniwaa Buachie was born Anningwaa Boakye  to Ghanaian parents, the youngest child out of four. Growing up in a creative household, Anniwaa was constantly exposed to a variety of cultures and art forms.

As a child, Anniwaa was scouted by ballet dancer Rhian Robins, who believed Anniwaa’s dance skills, were of an exceptionally high standard and encouraged Anniwaa’s parents to enroll her in to the Royal Academy of Dance. For 16 years Ballet and Contemporary dance was Anniwaa’s obsession, although a dancer of a high calibre she remained focused and adamant on becoming an actress.

Anniwaa attended East 15 Acting School where she gained a degree in Acting. In her graduating year she decided to change the spelling of her name; Anningwaa Boakye and use a phonetic spelling: Anniwaa Buachie, to ensure that people respect and remember the correct African pronunciation of her name.

Shortly after graduating from East 15, Anniwaa was awarded The Alan Bates Outstanding Newcomer award. She was also founder and Artistic Director of Golden Delilah from 2009 -2015. Golden Delilah was an innovative Theatre company which celebrated new writing which promoted strong female roles. 





Anniwaa Buachie  - Photographer, Daniel Campagne

You know it is hard to be black women in this industry. A lot of people assume it is easier for an ‘ethnic’ actor as we are seen as ‘exotic fruits’ but far from it. As a black actor I have had to keep reminding myself that there is nothing wrong with having dark skin, there is nothing wrong with having an afro and there is nothing wrong with having an African bum because all these things make me who I am and surely that is my selling point.”


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  1. Hi just saw your show this evening at the Playhouse and had to tell you that I haven’t laughed that much in ages!!!! Amazing !!!! You were all great but I could no stop laughing at your movements and faciAl expression(in a good way). I would love to see what ever your next in so please keep me posted!!!!!!!!!! God has blessed you with an amazing talent! Keep growing !!!!

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