No Pain. No Gain.

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“Women who dance have ugly feet. Their feet aren’t pretty anymore, but their professional.”  – Former New York Ballet Choreographer, George Balanchine.



Lying in bed trying to recover. The pain is crippling, my left shoulder throbs. The day before I did a shoulder mount in my pole dance class. Which consists of me putting most of my weight in my shoulder, and lifting my legs off the ground. The result of such a move looks graceful, sexy, sensual but inside, your body is screaming and your shoulder is numb. Eventually my body will stiffen and get used to the pain, just like how my toes, my foot, my hips, my knees adjusted to the pain of dancing ballet for many years .


But hey all in the love of art!…………….Or am I just a masochist?


I can’t remember the last time I have felt creatively alive WITHOUT experiencing some kind of pain. Whether that be, physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. Whenever I am in a heightened situation, it’s almost like my creativity comes to the rescue like a coping mechanism.  An out of body experience, I observe myself utlising  my talents to uplift my damaged soul.


It’s troubling how the notion of no pain no gain, goes hand in hand with abundant creativity. I once had a friend, a musician, who confessed to me that he was unable to write, to produce music, without being intoxicated. That his best work comes from heartache and being completely drunk.  I remember thinking he was soooo dramatic.  A functioning alcoholic.  


Yet, here I am admitting that for me pain goes hand in hand with creativity.  


Or is it just the after effect of stepping out of my comfort zone?


The stereotype of the tortured starving artist, the ‘Vincent Van Gogh Syndrome’ as I call it, should be a thing of the past! Right?


  I mean after all, I am currently living in a land where grown adults past their 30’s are still having their parents pay for every single part of their lifestyle. These creatives are more concerned with getting likes and how many followers they have, then creating substantial work. The luxury of having their bills paid by someone else, never having to stress about money, this comfort affords them the chance to focus 100% on their work but is  the work good? 


To me it’s like water, there is no taste to it…it’s just there.


I suppose feeling a discomfort, experiencing pain, drives you to do better.  You want to uplift yourself, take yourself out of your dire situation.  Knowing that you are out of your comfort zone and that there is no safety net, not a Mummy or Daddy in sight to help you, makes you work harder, better faster, stronger.


 When life has handed you a myriad of situations that have caused you nothing but pain, you have to think creatively of ways to soothe your mind, body and soul.  To keep insanity away. But through the pain, something so refreshing, so unique and beautiful is developed. And at some point, it won’t feel severely agonising, but wonderfully pleasant.


 @AnniwaaBuachie: I am not a writer, just a blabber, a lady that asks many questions but never knows how to collate the answers. Just a normal lady with nothing more to say, than words that mean nothing but say something.


  1. Ufot John Bright says


    I’m a dance artist, african and western dancer to be precise and i really felt more educated about your post when it comes to what life has to offer concerning what we choose to do as a career or a profession..

    I hope and believe that many more artst or professionals that come across this post will know that there is no gain without pain.

    Best regards.

    • thanks for taking the time to read my blog. It’s always slightly nerve-racking to share personal thoughts I have about my life and career. I appreciate your support!

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