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Photographer: Abe Atri, Model: Anniwaa Buachie


I rarely ever discuss my work or personal life in public. My mother raised me with the concept of keeping things to yourself as a good thing. Maybe it’s an African superstition. She has always said to me to keep things to myself, as there are some wicked people out there. People who can’t stand the thought or sight of others successes. People out there who underestimate you because of the way you look, your sex, your intelligence, your culture or your economic background.

So when I recently auditioned for a couple of great productions, I didn’t tell anyone, like I normally do. I just went to the audition and hoped for the best. It was my little secret. I felt like my three year-old friend, Isla (my best friend’s daughter) I was excitable, bouncy and bursting to the seams with creativity!

The auditions went well, really well, so well that obviously I got a call back. I couldn’t contain myself so I told two people about the call back. Well not everything, just the fact that I got a call back…. (you know I still respect my mum’s words of advice.) My friends and I went into an elaborate discussion of why the “CALL BACK”, the unknown can be the most exhilarating moment of the process.

Now getting a call back is always a great thing…it gives you the re-assurance that you are on the right path, and that who and what you are is definitely appealing to others. However getting a call back , also provides actors with a lot of mixed feelings of happiness and dread. There is a 50% chance that your dreams may come true, that you no longer need to be eating ramen and counting your pennies!

I think a lot of artists get used to struggling. They get used to rejection, juggling 3-5 jobs at any given time and constantly being asked by their robot friends (nine to fivers) what they are working on next, which as an artist you will never really know! Also the average robot, assumes the answer to all performers problems is to go on X – Factor or Britain’s got talent! Yawn!

So when the callback…a possible life changing moment stares at you in the face, in the form of three male executive producers, it’s almost like a near death experience. Your life begins to flash in front of you.

You remember the times when:

Teachers in Drama school patronised you and assumed a particular stereotype on the basis of your appearance.

You worked 14 hours a day in a job where your employer treated you like a second class citizen.

“Friends” would ask you when you would be getting a real job or looked down on you because you are not a ‘cookie cutter’ a ‘Stepford wife.’

All those times when despite the odds you continued to keep standing, pushing and striving for greatness.

It is that tenacity and passion which all actors should remember and utilise at all callbacks. Do not be afraid of success, you have earnt it, you deserve it, but most importantly every hurdle, was worth the jump! Nothing is a waste of time, everything is relevant to your journey.

So I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who continue to support me and all those people who continue to under- estimate me. Either way you have contributed to my ever growing self belief, which has never and shall never falter.

So yeah….I had the call backs…and gave solid layered performances but now my fate is in someone else’s hands. Whether I get the parts or not, I know I gave fantastic performances.

I am humbled and grateful by the experience. I will continue to keep pushing, keep hustling and keeping it creative. I hope for those you reading this, you will do the same. Life is too special to spend it regretting or feeling sorry for yourself. KEEP IT MOVING!

Until the next installment of my passionate explosions of thoughts, SEE IT, BE IT, LET IT BE.


I am not a writer, just a blabber, a girl that asks many questions but never knows how to collate the answers. Just a normal girl with nothing more to say, than words that mean nothing but say something.   @AnniwaaBuachie

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