Just Trying…….

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With the death of winter comes the life of Spring.  In the last couple of weeks I have lost a dear friend and gained a new god daughter. I have woken up from a deep slumber.


I’ve never been much of a writer. Never been much of a poet. But I don’t care. LIFE. IS. TOO. SHORT to not be yourself. So I am just trying, trying to be the woman I am and the woman I want to be. I’m just trying…..

Just trying to be me.

Trying to gravitate

Elevate to be me.


Trying to overcome, who I used to be,

And embrace my destiny.


Like how a Phoenix rises from the ashes……

Well I guess I best  light some matches.




Spread my wings to glide,

No longer do I need to hide.

I have begun to push through,

Simply by staying true.


I don’t know which direction to follow,

But I do know my expectations bowl is not looking hollow.


I’m just trying to be me,

Coz that’s all I will ever be


Just trying to be me.

Trying to be me.

To be me.

Be me.

ME. Breathe.

I am not a writer, just a blabber, a girl that asks many questions but never knows how to collate the answers. Just a normal girl with nothing more to say, than words that mean nothing but say something.

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