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Suffocated. Smothered. Frustrated. Tired. Exhausted.  It is not easy being in an environment which caps your creativity.  Being around individuals whose main concerns include; ordering the right kind of cello tape or what colour of post-it notes to purchase. These are a few of the weird, boring comments I find myself overhearing, when working in ‘MJs.’ (‘Money Jobs’, jobs that you do when you have finished one freelance contract and looking for the next one… that DO NOT fulfil your soul ……..essentially jobs that simply help you pay your rent/ mortgage, when you’re in desperate need and times are hard.)

The nature of the beast as a freelancer is that, there will be periods of your working life when things are quiet and business is not booming as much as it was a couple of months ago. Some people ride that wave and do nothing, chill out and just wait for the next job. As a workaholic, I like to keep my mind and body busy, by attending acting classes,  dance classes, gym, yoga, cinema, theatre, socialising and researching new films and plays that will  soon be casting. Unfortunately many of the listed activities cost money and unlike the Sienna’s and the Keira’s out there, I do not have a Mummy and Daddy who can pay for my living costs, casting subscriptions, headshots etc whilst I look for my next acting job and then become a star! I am a working class woman, and enjoy working but I also do not have a choice in the matter.

So, like a majority of creative freelancers, I find myself working in ‘MJs’ from time to time. It’s hard, but I am constantly reminded as to why the creative lifestyle is for me. ‘MJs’ are like a noose round your neck, the longer you stay in the job, the tighter the noose and eventually you suffocate and die.

However, it is important to remain positive and keep your eye on the prize. DO NOT get involved in the nonsensical office politics that ‘MJs’ tend to obtain. The minute you get sucked into office dramas, well before you know it, you have forgotten about the freedom of being a freelancer, the ability to work with a diverse range of people and on different projects that keep you excited about life. You end up stuck working in a mundane job for the next 7 years and you wonder why you are depressed and angry……….er because the real you died years ago. The only way out is to focus on the fact that you are talented and you have a burning urge to create, to play and you want to ensure that eventually you will never have to work a ‘MJ’ ever again!

Each ‘MJ’ is different, but the main purpose is to provide easy and quick money to help your survival and finance the transition of your dreams becoming a reality. So during a long, mundane ‘MJ’ day, I took the liberty to utilise my time to create: mundane ‘MJs’ survival tips. 

  1. Laugh…….about anything……just start laughing for no reason…….and then eventually everyone will begin to laugh. Yes it may seem like your mad, but at least the mood of the office has lifted.
  2. Take a risk. Do something completely different in your working day, like…… hug the delivery man, when he comes in to give you presents (packages)
  3.  Start a blog……seriously; it’s more than a hype but a personal development tool. In months/ years to come you can look back at that period of your life and laugh about all the things you wrote!
  4. Play a game… the bus game with a colleague ( for details on the bus game….see below)
  5. My personal favourite –  DANCE!!!!! WHINE UP YOUR BODY! ……have a lunch time disco in the office……I recommend:

Bus Game, can be played with as many people as you like. Shout a number starting from 1 and players have to dictate the route. For example:

Let’s say Jon shouts out 1, (depending of your country of residence), Alice will say: Totteneham Court Road –  Canada Water.

No googling is allowed.

Plus if you add an incentive, it gets interesting. 

I am not a writer, just a blabber, a girl that asks many questions but never knows how to collate the answers. Just a normal girl with nothing more to say, than words that mean nothing but say something.

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