The Wonderful Power of the three C’s

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‘Well, the fact is that one imagination is critically important, and if you have had your imagination stimulated by what is basically a variety of subjects, you are much more amenable to accepting, to understanding and interacting with the realities of the world.’



The creative industry inspires, engages and expresses a vision which goes beyond the ordinary. Creators of work; artists, actors, singers, designers, photographers etc immerse themselves in the unknown. Thoughts are invested as transactions between family, friends, lovers, acquaintances and strangers at the cost of presenting the world with unimaginable concepts. 

 New projects result from waves of innovation invoking immediate reactions.  But when you eventually have that golden idea, the idea that will establish who you are and your craft…  you try your best to  expand before the aftermath  gets you.  A persistent focus, obsession, forcing you into hibernation of the mind.  A plane of loneliness. 

 As a freelancer, you may be presented with opportunities to work within a team…..briefly, but most of the time you work alone, trusting that  golden idea that you have in your mind, believing that this will contribute to the  world eventually ‘bowing down’ to you.

 The biggest struggle for some, is not the lack of  ideas, work, time or money but having the courage to ask for help. To put yourself out there and expose the truth….that you are human, you can’t do everything by yourself and sometimes, you need help, advice or direction.

I personally find it very easy to dedicate my time to help other people but yet struggle to ask for help.  I don’t know why this is, but is an idiosyncrasy that I am willing to divest.

I recently come across We are CAN a Collaborative Arts Network, a growing creative enterprise operating by virtue of collaborative ethos  a community where creative collaborators can meet like- minded people, share projects and access work opportunities. With a presence in London, New York, Los Angeles, Roma and  Barcelona We are CAN offers  a range of international partnerships.

We are CAN:

Interactions matter! We can be so self – indulgent, that we forget about the people that exist around us. 

Start your week in another direction:

Co-operate: Lend a hand, advice, idea or encouragement however big or small

Communicate: Speak honestly, respectfully, engage, enthuse and don’t forget the small talk – this could be nothing but mean something to others. 

Connect: Pay attention, listen, understand, be hopeful and interact with another face to face as much as possible

I figure it’s better to walk with someone in the dark than alone in the light.

I am not a writer, just a blabber, a girl that asks many questions but never knows how to collate the answers. Just a normal girl with nothing more to say, than words that mean nothing but say something.

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