Hungry Like the Wolf

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Hungry Like the Wolf


What do I want?

What do I need?

What do I desire?

What am I hungry for?

 I often ask myself these questions whenever I am at risk of losing focus of my goals and my ambition.

I mean we all have hunger, we all wish to consume our appetite with whatever our mind and our heart desires. Are you hungry for success, money, love, acknowledgment, freedom or contentment?????

However what I find interesting is the extent an individual is willing to go to, to receive what they want.

I recently read this article:

“Aspiring actress Racquel Bailey has big dreams of starring in films and tv shows, so she decided to take her last paycheck and spent it on a billboard in Atlanta, two miles from Tyler Perry’s studio, hoping that she can grab his attention and be his next ‘it’ girl. Racquel, who is a 23-year-old single mom, dropped $1,500 on a billboard that says, ‘Attention: Top Filmmaker in Atlanta
Let me be your next leading lady.’”

When I finished reading the article the questions above were rolling in about in mind.

Now obviously this is an actress who I can only assume has tried everything that she can to further her career. However due to the powers of be, she hasn’t achieved her goals and ambitions. Hence why she took the step of investing in her career by creating a big billboard advertisement.

Although by paying for your face to appear on a billboard, is that supporting your career or detrimental to your career? After all there is a fine line between desperation and confidence! I understand where Racquel is coming from, but by making a public display of her misfortune is she not emphasising her lack of faith in her work but also the fact that although she is thinking outside the box, she has put herself in another and closed the lid. For she will now be known as the actress who paid $1500 to be put her face on a billboard. What if her work is of a low standard…it would be a double blow. The crap actress who paid $1500 for billboard entertainment.
I always believe that an individual should always take pride in their work. By this actress paying for billboard advertisement, is she saying that that her face is worth recognition and her work is of a high standard and that Hollywood needs to make a space for her immediately? 

With $1500 she could have invested in commissioning a writer to write a script which highlights all her USP (Unique Selling Point!)  The next stage would be to get a great camera man on board, producer and marketing of the production and bobs your uncle fanny’s your aunt and hey presto, she would have a great short which could work the film festival circuit, and the major buzz would be about how brilliant and resourceful this actress is and how on earth could Hollywood of missed her!  All the above is a brilliant idea in theory but it does take time and you have to rely on so many other people to make it happen. Or you can opt out and rely on yourself and the advertising sales agent to aid you in getting your big break, as well as relying on the director to have the urge to check out your work. I mean to a certain extent we have to rely on others to aid us with our ambitions. But when you look around you, the most successful people are the ones who decided to work against the flow and begin a new wave of thought and inspiration, and grab the bull by the horn.

Whether it is confidence, enthusiasm, perseverance, laziness, arrogance, stupidity or pride or whatever you want to call it. Racquel took a leap and hopes and prays that her years of work will finally pay off big time! But when real life comes into play our decisions of what we need, want and desire are blurred. By real life………… I mean relationships and how this can often influence your ambition.

 The fact that this actress is a single mother and spent her last pay check on supporting her career rather than her son and his upbringing, one can say she’s a selfish mother! However on the other hand you can see her investing in her career as a blue print for her son’s future.  After all money talks! 

We have all been in a situation where there has been a devil and angel on our shoulder…one option is to do what you want and destroy all your relationships, beg, borrow and steal from your friends, family and partner just as long as your happy; AKA the devil. 

On the other shoulder, you have the option of supporting those around you, maintaining  your goals and ambitions by putting their needs first, which can act as a driving force for you to achieve great things, so those around you are not only inspired by your journey but they finally see that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

After reading the article about Racquel I had an interesting conversation with other actors who I am currently working with. All of them disapproved of Racquel’s action, however whether I agree with what Racquel has done or not, a thought has been provoked. I have questioned whether I am doing enough to maintain my life as an actress and how much I really want success.  Also, Racquel has prompted me to write a short blog post about her……….so whether or not a producer or director in the states notices her, I noticed her! I took the time to look at her showreel, write a blog about her predicament and share it with you!

You know what they say; Press is Press regardless whether it’s bad or good. So congratulations Racquel your billboard investment has created some publicity which has even touched the UK!

As a fellow black actress, I will respect your intention and share your showreel with a UK audience:

For me, I believe that my passion, dedication and work’a’holic attitude will get me to where I want to get to…………. hungry like the wolf.

Good luck!

I hope to see her in Hollywood!

I am not a writer, just a blabber,  a girl that asks many questions but never knows how to collate the answers. Just a normal girl with nothing more to say, than words that mean nothing but say something.

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