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I am not a writer, just a blabber, a girl that asks many questions but never knows how to collate the answers. Just a normal girl with nothing more to say, than words that mean nothing but say something.

I was recently sent an email from an extremely inspiring, ambitious, optimistic lady. Who I am so happy to have as my Mentor (I hope that some day I may have the grace, knowledge, optimism and panache that she exudes.)

This is what she sent me:

Marketing yourself as a performer

Top Tips

c/o Will Davies, Client Relations Manager, Spotlight

  1. Performer marketing is about clarity of message – quickly informing the viewer of what you do for a living and how you might help them with their need.  Don’t forget people want an easy life, if they get confused, bored, irritated they will switch off and go on to the next person on the list (and there always is a next person on the list).  Take a good look at your marketing materials – is the message clear? 
  2. Video footage is an excellent testament to your abilities and employers will instinctively want to view video footage if made available. However only publish if you feel absolutely confident that it portrays you in the best possible light, uploading and linking for the sake of it can be detrimental to your presence.  Always get advice on which clips to upload and in what order.  Generally put your best clip in first position on your website/show reel.  If you are an actor avoid opening with a mix of montage and music, employers want to judge you on your acting ability, not your music taste or skills as an editor.
  3. Credits are a useful indicator of how the industry perceives you.  When scanning credits you are looking for buzz words, recognisable roles, productions, directors, venues, producers, productions companies, broadcasters that tally with your taste and have a ‘positive’ association.  Don’t forget its not always about the size of the roles or number of credits, a few small roles with respected companies can have a more positive association than a multitude of leading roles in projects no one will ever see.  
  4. Photographs are a simple, quick means for an employer to ascertain what type of project a performer may be appropriate for – put simply, they’re a performer’s first audition and they’re not even there for it.  An actor’s photograph is not a record of who you are as a person, no one needs to know what clothes you can afford, how stylish you are, these things tend to detract and confuse (remember the clarity of message).  For presenters, it is the opposite because on the whole you want to give an immediate impression of what type of presenting you can you do/are interested in.  For a dancer, it’s somewhere in the middle, you can afford to be more characterful than an actor and indicate the types of dance you are interested in (hiphop, ballet, flamenco) however don’t be so specific as to discount yourself from being considered for a job which you do have the requiste skills for.
  5. Networking is not a bad word.  It should be the opposite of cheesy and unprofessional.  In an ideal world it should be a case of like minded professionals aiding one another in finding the best people to work with.  Have business cards printed and ready to hand out at all times.  Whatever discipline you are interested in pursuing as a career, go where people do that discipline – if it’s a case of being there at the right place at the right time know what the right place may be and ideally at what time things start happening.  For example if you’re an actor go to the theatre, see shows and then network in the bar afterwards.  Theatres are a hive for actors, directors, producers, agents, casting directors, there is no better place to meet them all.  Do not go home after the show.  Always give out at least one business card. And then follow up with an email the following day.  

          Please pass this email on to contacts who may be interested!

          Join the Creative Islington network

Now although this information applies to the entertainment industry I believe that it can also be applied to other creative job roles. To be honest, most of these things that are listed above I do already- but I am never surprised when I meet an actor who lacks commonsense and fail to realise, that being an actor is not just about the acting! No, it is also about being a great buisness man/woman – having the gift of the gab, understanding your weight in gold and utilising the assest that god has given you. We don’t all have to be a Megan Fox or a Will Smith – no because these people already exist, and we will eventually get bored of them. 

So why not, think about what you have to offer the world, and once you got your ‘jingle’ exploit it until you have everyone – hook, line and sinker! YOU GO GET THEM TIGER!

I am not a writer, just a blabber, a girl that asks many questions but never knows how to collate the answers. Just a normal girl with nothing more to say, than words that mean nothing but say something.

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