The more you work, the more you earn, the more you learn?

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It has been a while since my last post, and whilst I am determined to post something at least every single month, the powers of be distract me.  For all of you who work constantly whilst also striving to forward your career, you will understand the exhaustion and lack of time one may have to indulge. Anyway as always, keeping positive and realizing that you only have one life, one chance,  and you should have no regrets, is the way forward.

Whilst I have been working hard I have also been playing hard and re-kindling friendships that due to work I have neglected. Having met up with a very dear old friend of mine whom I have known for 10 years now, I couldn’t help but notice that Rachel (not her real name……data protection and all that Jazz), has like myself has been striving to be in a powerful position with her industry (photography) but since I have know her has never had some form of work arrangement to supplement her career. Ok, so you may not think that is weird, however like any creative career, the beginning is always tough and expensive but once you get going, it is SO MUCH FUN!

Most creative’s have to pay for materials which will forward their career. For example a model will pay for a gym membership, Pilates class, organic food, just so they remain thin and healthy which is of course an important part of their work. Another example, as an Actress, although I went to Drama School for three years, I still continue to attend Acting workshops, to keep my mind fresh…….which obviously cost money!

So I always find it puzzling that Rachel continues to strive for her desired photography career but does not work to supplement the materials she needs to further her career. I mean I know people that don’t work and have flourishing careers, however they have been brought up in an affluent family, and Mummy and Daddy have a property business or boating business. So if their little darlings fail with the whole creative streak ( most of them will actually give up before they have started……because most of these kids are lazy and have never had to work hard for anything.) They will always have a backup plan courtesy of Mummy and Daddy.

Now everyone has their own prerogative and as they say each to their own. But as an Actress who was raised within a low working class environment, going into Acting is not an ideal career, however I believe it is what I was born to do, therefore I work very hard to achieve success and respect from the Acting world.

Rachel, although she is talented is slightly delusional. For Rachel believes that in order for a creative to succeed within their career they need to give themselves 100% to their career. Meaning, no part time job, meaning all the work you do has to be Acting, Music, Art or Photography ( whichever one is your career.) I agree with this partly (at least 80% of me agrees with this), but out of me and Rachel…..over the 10 years we have know each other, my ambition and career has developed considerably in comparison to hers. I have always worked since the age of 12, but yet this hasn’t affected my vision and tenacity to succeed in my career! ( I know I shouldn’t compare myself to Rachel….but work with me here…..I am trying to make a point!)


I will leave that for you to discuss with friends and family. Although what I would say is this:

As an Actress, I am intrigued by people, their movements, the way they speak, their thought patterns. Whilst I am not acting I do work a part time job, this doesn’t meant I don’t believe in myself and that I don’t think I will be an extremely successful actress. (In some way, I already believe I am successful… knowledge, spirit and mind!) But by working, I am able to witness first hand, what the ‘normal people do’ the realities that members of the public have to face. It is so easy to be so far away from reality when all you do is, socialise with ‘arty farty’ people. I see working a part time job not as a necessity but as a blessing. As it keeps on reminding me, as to why I have chosen acting as my path and why for me, working the 9-5 job is a mundane option, which I will never make permanent. So without exposing myself to the ‘real people’ of this world, I say my acting would be deprived and starved of the knowledge that it needs to grow!

Rachel, having eaten a massive pizza during our lunch date, says ‘ lend us a fiver….my jobseekers allowance is finished for the week so got no dosh.’ I of course laugh……and the kind and old friend that I am gives her a tener.

I guess the carefree, without a part time job, devoted artists look…….is not as great as some make it out to be…….of course each to their own!


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