Working with the Enemy

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It’s funny how, Actors are reluctant to support one another. I mean there is always a conflict, regardless of age, race, sex, culture and experience, it always seems like we are threatned by each other, one way or another!

As an Actor who has experienced the trials and errors of producing, I have been shocked by the lack of support that Actors have for their peers. Now I am not talking about Actors who fail to see their past colleagues in shows……no, I’m talking aout Actors that continue to ridicule and undermine their peers, because they have been made bittered by the lack of success that have endeared.

Some of you may think that this sort of behaviour only occurs when you are old and haggered and a new model has come to take your place…..maybe…..but I think this malicious behaviour derives  from knowing that you can never achieve the same things as the Actor you envy or hate. (Yes there are some Actors who are just that petty and deluded to hate another Actor because they have been lucky enough to gain success.)

In order for one to understand the situation/ issue i’m refering to, I suppose the best thing for me to do, would be to provide an example.

Exhibit A:

Talented rising Actor  (lets call them…. Dakota ) decideds to produce a play by a talented eccentric writer (lets call them Oscar).

Dakota is on the left and Oscar on the right.

Exhibt B:

Once talented, unsual, annoying Actor, who is bitter because the industry has chewed them up and spit them out. (Name…um…ok …lets call them Rosy…with a hint of irony.)


Dakota is an Actress who is new to producing, but regardless of this has successfully produced 3 shows in the past. Oscar is an award winning writer, Oscar has asked Rosy to be in his play as Rosy, despite being bitter is a first class actress and Oscar has know Rosy for years and years

Dakota has obviously spoken to the director of the piece and has asked for Rosy’s details…The Director assures Dakota that Rosy will receive all material prior to rehearsal .. which was done in a very efficent manner.


Rosy during rehearsals is disrespectful to the Director and Oscar, she says the wriing is shit and the director is awful…threatens to walk out but never leaves!  Depsite her behaviour, she fails to admit her behaviour is unprofessional and  continues to want to lay blame on Dakota for…….well….nothing!

Dakota has provided everything the cast needed, but as she is producing the show Rosy wants to blame her for not being approached with the script prior to rehearsals…Ridiculous, I hear you cry!

Yes, well lets look at facts:

1. Rosy was given a sript 4 weeks prior to the first day of rehearsal. Within that time, if she disliked the script so much, well, she could of refused to perform in the play.

2. Dakota asked the Director for Rosy’s details but the Director…having working with Rosy decided that it may be best to speak to Rosy.

3. Rosy was very enthusiatic about the script and the project and the set up was fully explained to her and sent

to her via email, so that she was aware of what she was agreeing to.

So at some point from then script being handed to after the performance, is it possible that a disgusting jealousy consummed Rosy and took over and created her into some monster? But Why? My guess is as good as yours, but I can only assume that when your an actor who has been allowed to behave like a diva, well your gonna take the biscuit aren’t you? However I can honestly say Dakota, being the professional that she is, rose above all the petty c%*p and ended up producing a bloody good show!

You understand where I’m coming from right?


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