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It’s a New Year, It’s a New Dawn and I am feeling good! Happy New Year, to all the crazy cats out there! Hope you had a good one.  2010 was a great year, and just as the year was ending a  close friend of mine sent me a link to a website about Narcissism. Now this friend: for the benifit of the post, I will call her Suzanna….Suzanna normally sends loads of links to delightlful articles about life, love, careers etc. I am an individual who likes to explore new concepts…..which of course helps me with my job and career as an Actress.

Anway I received an email from Suzanna about Narcissism:

inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.
Psychoanalysis . erotic gratification derived from admiration of one’s own physical or mental attributes, being a normal condition at the infantile level of personality development.
At first I was a little, confused…I thought she  (Suzanna) was trying to imply that I too fell into the river looking at the beauty of my reflection like the chap above.
However I began to look a little deeper… an Actress, am I a Narcissist? I mean lets look at the facts:
Symptoms of a Narcissist:
  • An exaggerated sense of one’s own abilities and achievements.  – Most Actors believe they are the best Actors in the world……however I know my limits and boundaries, so I can honelsy say that this does not apply to me.


  • A constant need for attention, affirmation, and praise.  – Okay I am not gonna lie, it is good to feel praise and attention, however I do believe that I am someone who doesn’t need someone to validate what I do.


  • Persistent fantasies about attaining success and power.  – Well if you bought the book : The Secret, than your just as guilty of this.


  • Exploiting other people for personal gain.  –  This is not my style!


  • A sense of entitlement and expectation of special treatment.  – Every Actress, Every Women should feel special and be treated in an appropiate manner…PERIOD!


  • A lack of empathy for others. – It would be appaling if any individual lacks empathy, especially an Actor!

    But wait……surely if you are a performer you do have an unheathly amount of vanity, ego, self love and self belief…..right?

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