I wanna be loved by you…

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“A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.”
Marilyn Monroe

Being an Actor is a very weird, fantastic and frustrating, less of the later. There are not many careers in the world where you can be a Doctor one minute and a crackhead the next, be working as a receptionist one minute and jetting of to LA buisness class the next, because you have a Steven Spielberg film to make. The fact of the matter is Acting is a release from the norm, from the ‘I work 9-5, earn a shit loads of mony and then blow it on the weekend because I am so depressed because I am gonna return back to the 9-5 job working with people I really couldn’t care less if they were mutated in an instant…..’ Ok that is a little too harsh and there is no fault for someone wanting a stable job. However there is a difference between having a job and having a career.

Your career is your baby, your life, soul, ambition and it is also your demon, your dependant and your curse. We enter university/institutes not knowing the full affect of this premature, pre-pubescent relationship:

1. We have a wild and turbulent relationship with our studies, at first we love – 4 months honeymoon period and then we bore – 2 years comfort period  and then we despise – 3 year mark.

2. During the despising period of our relationship with our studies, we try our best to keep them in our life and so we perform an act of intercourse by taking exams and knowing our course inside and out.

3. We are pregnant with information, with excitement to enter the real world to show everyone just how much we are ‘great actors, believers and creators.’

4. We deliever the perfect baby during a 9 month tour with the RSC and we reach enlightnement with this baby, this career.

5. However we enter the teething stage of the child, when it wants our attention and demands us to look for new pastures and climb new nountains.

6. We meet a potential second half, someone to take the weight of our shoulders, from our careers with laughter and love…….however your baby is realiant on you and you have a responsibilty?!

The responsibility of wanting to be successful and to know that all your hard work was not in vain!

Where as a job, is just a means to an end, regardless of the type of job, the money is the most important factor rather than the activity.

Okay so that was a long way of explaining how one may feel at a  particular point of their career, particular female actress. There are not enough roles for female actors let alone older female actors, particularly black female actors. So the clock is ticking like our biological clock, the pressure of building and developing your career whilst maintaing your looks becomes an obsession a religion. So much so, you begin to wonder what a man is (or a woman for my lesbian friends.) looks like. In order for an actress to succeed they need to utilise their youth whilst they can, lay the foundations and hope to god that when they are in their 60’s they will be following in the footsteps of Dame Helen Miren or Judy Dench…Whoopi Goldberg. However at what cost? The olders actress mentioned, don’t have any kids or husbands, which clearly indicates that this is what they had to sacrifice for a career.

So if an actress was to follow in the footsteps of Dame Helen Mirren, does that mean she will need to disregard her yearning for kids, her  yearning for a man to cuddle up to (woman for all the lesibians) at night?

Well, I tell you one thing, Marilyn Monroe may have been a busty beautiful ditzy blonde but one things is sure, she new a guy when she saw one. But then again, she wasn’t a good actress but just a great piece of eye candy……..a comprimise in order maybe. If you can’t be talented and loved then you might as well be pretty, ditzy and loved.

Like lady Munroe said

“A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.
Marilyn Monroe

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